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Jafun looked up to her beloved Charon. Tears of joy gathering in her eyes. He looked towards her, then smiled. His attention went outward again, towards the gathered crowd of their families and friends.

They had first met when he had entered their elementary schools theater group. At first she hadn’t taken much notice of this first grader with not that much apparent enthusiasm for being an actor. But it turned out that they lived in the same neighborhood and they ended up playing a lot together.

The priest, standing besides them, droned on and on on the value of family. She tuned it out as the memories bubbled up.

One day, as they sat in a tent they had made out of sticks and fern, she had told him, in the serious voice of a promise, that as soon as she had a regular income she would make him her wife. He had only responded with a short look, which he had given her so often, that meant „why do you care so much about this“. She had never brought up the subject again, but had occasionally thought about it.

Then she looked at the crowd too. Her eyes flicked to her mom, who looked so happy at having a soon to be married child, then to her father. She saw the proud gaze she had expected to see more than a decade ago.

On that day her test results would come with the morning mail. She had hidden herself in the breakfast room, to reveal herself for a celebration when he would be too proud of her to care about her sneaking in. But his look of disappointment after he had read the letter had told her that she would not grow up to be a man, and so she had remained hidden. Her feelings of shock and guilt had slowly turned to acceptance that she wouldn’t be marrying Charon and defiance for not being the son her father wanted. Towards the afternoon she even had to admit to herself that she was feeling a bit relived that she wouldn’t have to endure the stress of founding a family.

Jafun’s attention drifted again towards the priest. In a moment of rebellious spirit she had considered to ask Charon for a civil marriage, but right now she enjoyed the irony of having this asexual being lecture on how to make marriages work.

The day her test results arrived her father had came back from work late. When he addressed her in the evening as „my daughter“ she had thought it a tasteless joke, but he had shown her the letter. On it, in bold letters, was the word female, not neuter as she had expected since the morning. She had been confused, how the hell did her hormones think she was best for that role?! …Well, being a mother wasn’t necessarily a full time job, she still could pursue her obscure academic interests.

When half a year later Charon tested male she wasn’t even that surprised, figuring that his laid-back demeanor had often made her underestimate him.

Her desire of him hadn’t started as soon as he sent out the compatible pheromones. In fact it had taken years to develop. But when he took an interest in her as well it deepened fast.

Her smile widened. Today she would become his. Today he would marry her as his second wife.


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