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Fanfic Radiance/red riding hood

There was a cute little girl named Chelsea who was loved by most. And she was happy that most loved her. But most was not all. She determined that she was insufficiently cute. She did some market research and came to the conclusion that a red riding hood would maximise her cuteness levels. She obtained a red riding hood and now everyone loved her. And she lived happily ever after… Except there was this one wolf who didn’t care about cuteness, he only cared about food, so he didn’t love her. Chelsea learned to cook and she cooked for the wolf and the wolf loved her food. But only her food, not Chelsea herself. She became sad and in her sadness she remembered how her friend Gretel had gotten rid of her annoying brother. Gretel knew just the right person to make the wolf love Chelsea.

The pepper stung in her eyes and the apple in her mouth made it difficult to breathe, but as the witch moved her towards the heat Chelsea had only one thought „everybody must love me“.


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